We are sure many are watching the distressing images coming out of the Ukraine and wondering, how can we help? As a church we believe we can do two very real and important things; we can pray and we can give.


  • Pray for the people of Ukraine, for a supernatural move of the power of God to sweep across the nation.
  • Pray for peace and for the end to Russia’s military invasion.
  • Pray for the personal safety from harm for those living in the affected areas.
  • Pray for the Christian’s in the nation: for their safety and that God would use them to shine the light of the Gospel.
  • Pray for the governments and leaders around the world who are making decisions; for godly wisdom, and for divine interventions in negotiations.
  • Pray for the Russia, for revival to break out and for the nation to turn to Christ and his ways.


There are many organisations who will now be working hard to get aid and help to the people of Ukraine.

One organisation is called New Hope Eurasia whom C3 Rivers (a C3 Church in The Netherlands) has been working with for the last 8 years.

Pastor Oleg & Marina Reutki have worked across this region for many years bringing resources, support and the gospel to the people. They are now focused on gathering supplies and food to help those affected by the invasion.

We encourage you to give to this important work that will carry both much needed on-the-ground help, as well as the light of Christ.

“Thank you for your prayers and thank you for your desire to practically help us. We need your financial help to put together this FoodBank, we are going to use our transition homes to store food and we hope to be able to store in large quantities. As much funding as possible is much appreciated. For us here the window of time is short, while food supply is still open and available. I do not know what will happen in months to come. We totally trust the Lord and rely on His help & mercy.”
Pastor Oleg

To give to the work of New Hope Eurasia – visit their home page and click the DONATE button.