“I can’t handle this! How can this be happening?”

“I can’t handle this! How can this be happening?”

Adapted from Part 3 of our Resilience Series – Sow in Tears by Robert Tailby. Watch the full message below.

Ever since the fall in the garden, humanity has had TROUBLE

This trouble is not of God’s making, but as a result of sin, which has corrupted the whole of creation from top to bottom and brought us TROUBLE.

Trouble like sickness, tragedy, violence and death are all the result of humanity choosing our own way instead of trusting God. The devastating effect of sin has impacted human relationships and the very fabric of creation itself.

Jesus made it clear that trouble was part of living in a fallen world, but the good news is that He is the is the remedy!

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”
John 16:33 (NIV)

The fact is – life in this world is hard.

As we move through the years, many of us will experience very difficult situations that bring us to the very edge, and even beyond ourselves.

Many believers in the Bible came to a point just like that. I don’t see any evidence that Christian believers suffer or struggle any less than anyone else – and many Christians I know have found themselves in deep pain and despair crying out: “I can’t handle this! How can this be happening?”

The extent to which a moment like this is a moment of testing is that there is a very deep temptation, when trouble comes, to turn our face away from God. To stop trusting him. To stop believing that God is good.

When trouble comes, trouble that has not come from God, the temptation is nevertheless to curse God and turn away from him, because we are tempted to blame him for that trouble, and for not saving us from it.

But if we do apply 1 Corinthians 10:13 to a moment like that, then we have an answer and a promise.

God will always provide a way out!

The way out isn’t necessarily an end to the trouble, but nevertheless, it is still a way out.

The way out is for us to keep on trusting God, to continue to stand, to discover a fresh resilience in our time of trial. No matter how hard things get, He will give us the strength to be resilient, if we ask him.

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